The Armed Empress is a global platform for women of color united around the ideal of self-defense and the protection of their families. Founded in Atlanta, Georgia, the Armed Empress is an organization that honors the age old traditions of women of color in positions of leadership in their communities entrusted with the responsibility of defending and protecting their people.

As a group of women based in the United States, the Armed Empress adheres to and upholds the Bill of Rights, namely the second Amendment which grants and protects the right to bear arms. As a group of women who are also global citizens connected to communities of women throughout the world, the Armed Empress draws its inspiration from fearless female leaders through out time.

We advocate for Total Armor, a praxis that addresses the need for intellectual, physical and practical self-defense and protection for individuals, families and communities. Total Armor is based on our 3P system: practice, precision and perfection, all of which equals protection. Through training, informational sessions and other events, the Armed Empress focuses on empowering women with the tools needed to defend themselves.

In the words of one of our fallen, but never forgotten warriors, Fred Hampton, “Let me say peace to you, if you’re willing to fight for it."